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Swimming Pool Safety Tips, Prevent Accidents Drownings

Swimming Pool Safety Tips, Prevent Accidents Drownings

 Here are some swimming pool safety tips to help you enjoy your swimming pool area. Having safety procedures in place helps you rest assured that your pool will maintain a safe and fun experience at your home. Having them in place greatly lessens the chance of unfortunate occurrences. I won’t sugar coat this. Drownings are the number 1 cause of death nationwide for children 1-4 years old. All of theses recorded deaths are preventable if proper safety precautions were put in place. When you implement proper safety procedures and put preventative measures in place then you and your family will be much safer around your pool. You should make sure that you have proper pool safety equipment available so if the worst might happen then you are prepared.

  1. We suggest having a first aid kit by your pool. In your pool house, cabana, bar area or any other area that’s quick and easy to access. Your aid kit should include scissors for any hair related or winter cover entanglement mishaps.
  2. Always have a flotation device and a pole and safety hook attachment that is hanging close to the pool for easy access.
  3. Always have access to a close phone. It’s very smart to install one in the pool area in case of an emergency.
  4. Make sure that your pool area is fenced in with self latching and lockable gates. Even in rural areas that may not require them. This helps protect, children, pets and intruders when you’re not home.
  5. Make sure that all children entering your pool can swim. Get them lessons. We can’t express the importance of this. Even toddlers can be taught to keep themselves afloat. see video.
  6. Learn CPR in case of an accidental drowning, you don’t realize how many of us don’t know proper CPR. You may save a life.
  7. Keep a very close eye on your children when they are in or near a pool or spa. Nothing that you are obligated to do at that time is more important. So set aside swim times and make your self fully available during the swim times. No chore or work is as important as the re-precautions that may come from not making yourself fully available.
  8. Teach your children to stay away from any suction lines including your skimmers, bottom drains or deep wall suction line(s) (should have a proper grate cover on.) Prevent any possible entrapment before it happens.
  9. Share all of your safety instructions with family, friends and neighbors. Share the location of your first aid kits and point out your rescue equipment.
  10. God forbid, but if your child is ever missing then immediately look for them in your pool or spa first.
  11. It’s very smart to learn some basic life-saving so that you are able to help in a pool related emergency
  12. Install door and window alarms on any that are facing your pool or spa.
  13. If you own a spa then use a lockable safety cover on your spa.
  14. Install pool and gate alarms so you are alerted when your children go near the water or enter the area. We hope that our swimming pool safety tips empower you to obtain decades of fun and safe pool memories. Remember pool accidents are preventable.

 www.merodynamicpools.com For more swimming pool safety tips, please visit the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. APSP

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