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Swimming Pool Closing and Winterization

Swimming Pool Closing and Winterization

Here are some important things to know about swimming pool closing and winterization for your vinyl liner in ground swimming pool.

  1. Chemicals in your pool should be balanced and the pool should also be clean to promote your easiest spring opening.
  2. Blow off your deck so no debris (twigs, acorns, nuts, leaves etc) are left under your cover to decompose or hurt your cover.
  3. Make sure that your filter drain cap/plug is removed to drain your filter.
  4. Make sure that your front and rear housing plugs on your pump(s) are removed to drain your pump
  5. Any inline or online chlorinator drain plugs should be removed to drain.
  6. Lower your water level below your jets unless you have vinyl oversteps or benches. You don not want them to come unseated. There are valve plugs made for this scenario where water levels shouldn’t be lowered.
  7. Blow dry your return lines, skimmer lines, automatic cleaner lines.
  8. Put air pressure through the bottom drain until you see air come out then shut the bottom drain valve off to hold air in the line keeping water below freeze line
  9. Make sure to turn off all breakers so a timer can not turn your pump on, running it dry and burning it up.
  10. Cover pool with a safety rated winter pool cover. We suggest using a safety rated pool cover from our company ( ) or ( )
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