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Health Benefits from Swimming in your New Swimming Pool

Health Benefits from Swimming in your New Swimming Pool

Health Benefits from Swimming. Are you suffering from a back injury, a knee injury, arthritis or Chronic pain? Did you know that water exercise therapy and swimming are the most widely used rehabilitation programs subscribed by doctors? Many positive results can be obtained by simply exercising in a swimming pool. Some of these health benefits include strength improvement, weight loss, muscle gain, aerobic cardiovascular improvement that reduces the risk of heart disease and good mental health.

Swimming is the most recommended exercise by doctors because of it’s resistance when training in water and it’s low impact on joints. There is no pounding or compression on the joints or spine when swimming in comparison to jogging, running, biking or aerobic classes. Swimming will definitely strengthen your muscles. Whether you swim for exercise or you want to try it for rehabilitation, the benefits of swimming are unmatched. At any age or shape swimming or water exercise will improve your lifestyle. Visit this link to learn more about the great health benefits from swimming when experiencing back or chronic pain. Call Merodyamic Pools today for your free in ground swimming installation consultation.

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