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How to Open an InGround Swimming Pool for the Summer

How to Open an InGround Swimming Pool for the Summer

We will describe this procedure and give you pointers in our: inground swimming pool opening tips. 1. Drain all water off of your cover. (small cover pump works good, submersible or even syphon the water) and remove all of the leaves and debris with a leaf net before draining, while draining and after draining the water off of your cover. Make sure all debris is removed so there is no chance of it falling in your pool. For a safety cover just blow the cover and deck off with a leaf blower. 2. Drain and remove the water bags from your cover. Remove the cover (requires 2 people for the cleanest results) while ensuring no remaining water that has been left on the winter cover spills into the pool. 3. Clean the winter cover and water bags. I suggest using an anti mildew cleaner. Let your cover and water bags dry and only when they are dry place them in a clean, dry storage area that is rodent, insect and pest free. 4. Remove all winterization plugs including the Gizzmo from your skimmer(s), plugs from your Return(s) and deep wall suction line(s). If Foam freeze guard is used in the bottom drain line then remove that also. 5. Install your directionals (eyeballs) back in your return line(s) of pool. 6. Reinstall your pressure gauge(s), site glass on your filters multi port valve, drain plugs at the bottom of your filter top of your filter (if applicable), pump (front and rear housing plugs), chlorinator (if applicable) and heater (heat exchanger, inlet plugs, outlet plugs and reinstall the temp sensor (if all applicable). I suggest teflon tape for all plugs. Snug tighten them and don’t cross thread them. Reconnect any plumbing valves or quick disconnects that you may have disconnected during the winterization of your pool equipment and lines. Reinstall your backwash line/hose if necessary. 7. If you have a salt system then remove the covers to or plugs to the plumbing lines that lead to the salt cell and reconnect the unions and wire sensor leads to the unit that may have been disconnected. 8. Clean any water line(s) around the inside of your pool and steps. Clean your coping using a pool friendly cleaner. 9. Fill the pool until it reaches the top of the skimmer. Make sure to reinstall the skimmer weir (door/flap) and skimmer basket. Place the pump basket back into the pump. Lubricate all o-rings with aqua-lube (available at any pool store) before placing them back where they go. 10. If you have a cartridge filter then place a new or clean cartridge in your filter. 11. Reinstall pool ladder(s) with escutcheons (cover plates). Make sure that the ladder anchors are tightened for safety. Reinstall your diving board and reconnect all slide water line hardware (if applicable). 13. I always prime my pool pump and perform the start up in the waste position. Once primed, I like to vaccum any algae or debri to waste (shouldn’t be much if pool was closed properly). After vacuuming then turn the pump off and then turn the filter valve to the Backwash position after vacuuming is complete and run to make sure water is clear. Then turn your filter valve to the filter position then turn pump back on. 14. Check the equipment and plumbing for any leaks while running and if you find any then make the repairs. 15. Fill your chlorinator with Chlorine tablets or add the recommended amount of salt if you have a salt system. You may also add a shock or algaecide (salt system users, make sure your system is algaecide friendly) treatment and run for 2 days before checking your water chemistry. 17. Balance your pool water as we describe in our pool chemical balance blog below https://merodynamicpools.com/vinyl-pool-liner-care/ Dealers, for bulk chemicals visit: Merodynamic Pools www.merodynamicpools.com 770-720-9905

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